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Unlock Your Dream Home in the UAE: Non-Resident Mortgages Made Easy!

Benefits Tailored for You:

  • Globally Accessible: The Non-resident mortgage offers cover major locations, ensuring tailored solutions to various customers’ profiles.
  • High Loan-to-Value: Enjoy up to 60% loan-to-value flexibility as a non-resident.
  • Simple Documentation: Streamlined, hassle-free process for salaried or self-employed individuals.
  • Effortless Process: Smooth process for owning a home in the UAE with a mortgage.
  • Tailored Solutions: Personalized approaches catering to non-residents’ unique needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Trusted expertise with a successful history in non-resident mortgages.

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Non-resident mortgages are designed and offered by banks for individuals residing
outside the UAE, including countries such as the UK, France, India, and many more, and
looking to buy a property in the UAE

As a non-resident, you can avail a financing on your property up to 50% to 60%, providing
ample financial support for your dream home in the UAE.

The specific documents required for non-UAE residents applying for a mortgage can vary
depending on the lender and the profile of the client. Some common documents typically requested by
lenders may include copy of your passport, proof of residence, proof of income, bank statements, and
the property documents.

Lion Mortgage has crafted an effortless process to make owning a home in the UAE a
reality for non-residents. From application to approval, our team ensures a seamless
experience tailored to your unique circumstances.

Yes, Lion Mortgage boasts a trusted expertise with a successful history in handling non-
resident clients. Our market knowledge and experience ensure that you receive reliable and
professional assistance throughout the mortgage process.

Interest rates for non-resident mortgages vary based on market conditions and banks offers. Lion Mortgage is committed to providing competitive rates, working with you to secure the most favourable terms for your mortgage.
The maximum loan amount that a non-UAE resident can get when applying for a mortgage depends on various factors, including the lender’s policies, the applicant’s financial situation, the debt-burden ratio, the value of property being financed and the loan-to-value.
The maximum loan tenor you can get as a non-resident is 25 years subject to other rules related to maximum age at the loan maturity.
To kick start the process, non-residents can reach out to Lion Mortgage through our website or contact our dedicated team. We are here to guide you through the application process and address any queries you may have.
Yes, non-residents can apply for mortgages with joint applicants, allowing them to share the responsibility and benefits of property ownership in the UAE. Lion Mortgage will guide you through the joint application process for a seamless experience.

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